New Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs 2/2020

Democratic backsliding in Southeast Asia? The current issue of the Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs focuses on populism, the personalization of politics, institutionalized corruption, and indigenous and Islamic movements in countries such as Indonesia and Myanmar.

Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs Vol. 39, No. 2 (2020)

Research Articles

  • Meredith L. Weiss: The Limits of “Populism”: How Malaysia Misses the Mark and Why That Matters
    Abstract | PDF
  • Marcus Mietzner: Populist Anti-Scientism, Religious Polarisation, and Institutionalised Corruption: How Indonesia’s Democratic Decline Shaped Its COVID-19 Response
    Abstract | PDF
  • Anna Grzywacz: Democracy in Indonesian Strategic Narratives. A New Framework of Coherence Analysis
    Abstract | PDF
  • Sukri Tamma, Timo Duile: Indigeneity and the State in Indonesia: The Local Turn in the Dialectic of Recognition
    Abstract | PDF
  • Hilman Latief, Haedar Nashir: Local Dynamics and Global Engagements of the Islamic Modernist Movement in Contemporary Indonesia: The Case of Muhammadiyah (2000-2020)
    Abstract | PDF
  • Julio Cabral Teehankee: Factional Dynamics in Philippine Party Politics, 1900–2019
    Abstract | PDF
  • Muhamad Takiyuddin Ismail, Norazam Mohd Noor: Resisting International Election Observation Through Election Visit Programmes: The Case of Malaysia
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Other News

Person |

Am 27. Oktober 2020 ist Prof. Stephan Klasen, PhD (Universität Göttingen / Courant Forschungszentrum) nach langer und schwerer Krankheit in Göttingen verstorben.

Cooperation |

PINPoints is the biannual online publication of PIN. Each issue contains an overview of past and future events, reports of PIN related activities and, most importantly, articles with the latest developments and insights in international negotiation research.

A Heartfelt Goodbye |

After a long illness, Dr. Daniel Flemes passed away in mid-October 2020. We mourn the passing of our dear friend and colleague.