New Africa Spectrum 1/2019

This issue of Africa Spectrum analyses a variety of topics such as the ambivalent role of ex-combatants in Sierra Leone, Tanzania’s efforts to stand up to foreign gas corporations, and Namibia after the second national land conference.

Africa Spectrum Vol. 54, No. 1 (2019)


Research Articles

  • Devon E. A. Curtis: What Is Our Research For? Responsibility, Humility and the Production of Knowledge about Burundi
    Abstract | PDF
  • Anne Hennings: From Bullets to Banners and Back Again? The Ambivalent Role of Ex-combatants in Contested Land Deals in Sierra Leone
    Abstract | PDF
  • Lorenzo D’Angelo: God’s Gifts: Destiny, Poverty, and Temporality in the Mines of Sierra Leone
    Abstract | PDF

Analyses and Reports

  • Andrzej Polus, Wojciech Tycholiz: David versus Goliath: Tanzania’s Efforts to Stand Up to Foreign Gas Corporations
    Abstract | PDF
  • Henning Melber: Colonialism, Land, Ethnicity, and Class: Namibia after the Second National Land Conference
    Abstract | PDF

Book Reviews

  • Miriam Aurora Hammeren Pedersen: Book review: #RhodesMustFall: Nibbling at Resilient Colonialism in South Africa
    Abstract | PDF
  • Nicole Hirt: Book review: Land Tenure and Security
    Abstract | PDF


Other News

Cooperation |

PINPoints is the biannual online publication of PIN. Each issue contains an overview of past and future events, reports of PIN related activities and, most importantly, articles with the latest developments and insights in international negotiation research.

Award |

For the second time, a young researcher from the GIGA receives the Leibniz Dissertation Award. Dr. Felix Haaß was awarded the prize for his dissertation “Buying Democracy? The Political Economy of Foreign Aid, Power-Sharing Governments, and Post-Conflict Political Development.”

In brief |

Panel discussion with GIGA President Prof. Dr. Amrita Narlikar at the KörberForum in Hamburg.