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Hakkı Taş

The New Turkey and its Nascent Security Regime

GIGA Focus Middle East, 06/2020

Christiane Fröhlich / Lea Müller-Funk

Perceiving Migration Crises: A View from the European Neighbourhood

GIGA Focus Middle East, 05/2020

Weam Ghabash / Mustafa Hatip / Lea Müller-Funk / Rand Shamaa / Mouran Turkmani

Refugee Perspectives on Migration Policy: Lessons from the Middle East

GIGA Focus Middle East, 03/2020

Hakkı Taş

The Gülenists in Exile: Reviving the Movement as a Diaspora

GIGA Focus Middle East, 03/2019

Christiane Fröhlich

Shrinking Spaces of Humanitarian ­Protection

GIGA Focus Middle East, 06/2018

Gero Erdmann / Olga Herzog

Die Türkei in Afrika: Im Schatten des Neo-Osmanismus?

GIGA Focus Africa, 01/2012

André Bank

Turkey and the Arab Revolt: Rise or Decline in Regional Politics?

GIGA Focus International Edition English, 04/2011