Protest movements

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Viviana García Pinzón

Colombia: Between the Dividends of Peace and the Shadow of Violence

GIGA Focus Latin America, 02/2020

Luicy Pedroza

Gasoline into Fire: Mexico’s Internal Unrest Meets External Threats

GIGA Focus Latin America, 01/2017

Günter Schucher / Heike Holbig

"Occupy" in Hongkong: Entwicklung einer neuen Jugendprotestkultur

GIGA Focus Asia, 10/2014

Sophie Veauthier

Umweltproteste in China: Alles BANANA?

GIGA Focus Asia, 08/2012

Stephan Rosiny

Islamismus und die Krise der autoritären arabischen Regime

GIGA Focus Middle East, 02/2012

Stephan Rosiny

The Arab Spring: Triggers, Dynamics and Prospects

GIGA Focus International Edition English, 01/2012

Annette Büchs

Der Jemen am Scheideweg: Demokratisierung oder Bürgerkrieg?

GIGA Focus Middle East, 06/2011