Migration policy

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Luicy Pedroza

Gasoline into Fire: Mexico’s Internal Unrest Meets External Threats

GIGA Focus Latin America, 01/2017

Sebastian Prediger / Franzisca Zanker

Why European Migration Policies on Africa Need a Change of Direction

GIGA Focus Africa, 06/2016

Luicy Pedroza / Pau Palop / Bert Hoffmann

Calling Abroad: Latin America Reshapes Its Emigrant Policies

GIGA Focus Latin America, 03/2016

Jan Peter Wogart / Margot Schüller

The EU's Blue Card: Will It Attract Asia's Highly Skilled?

GIGA Focus International Edition English, 03/2011

Dirk Kohnert

Afrikanische Migranten vor der "Festung Europa"

GIGA Focus Africa, 12/2006

Laurence Marfaing / Wolfgang Hein

Das EU-Einwanderungsabkommen – kein Ende der illegalen Migration aus Afrika

GIGA Focus Global, 08/2008