Legitimation of rule

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Jason Sumich

The Slow Decay of Southern Africa's Dominant-Party Regimes

GIGA Focus Africa, 08/2017

Julia Grauvogel / Charlotte Heyl

Democracy in Africa: Against All Odds

GIGA Focus Africa, 07/2017

Henner Fürtig

Verfassungsreferendum in Ägypten: Meilenstein oder Mogelpackung?

GIGA Focus Middle East, 03/2007

Gero Erdmann

Demokratie in Afrika

GIGA Focus Africa, 10/2007

Alexander Stroh

Legitimation allein durch Entwicklung? Das Beispiel Ruanda

GIGA Focus Africa, 11/2007

Gero Erdmann / Christian von Soest

Diktatur in Afrika

GIGA Focus Africa, 08/2008