Defence and security policy

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Maria Josua

Anti-Terror Legislation as a Tool of Repression in Arab States

GIGA Focus Middle East, 04/2019

Pedro Seabra

Brazil as a Security Actor in Africa: Reckoning and Challenges Ahead

GIGA Focus Latin America, 07/2016

Peter Peetz

Innere Sicherheit in Lateinamerika – Probleme und Perspektiven

GIGA Focus Latin America, 07/2007

Siegmar Schmidt

Die EU als Retterin der AU?

GIGA Focus Africa, 05/2008

Nadine Godehardt / Melanie Hanif / Ryoma Sakaeda

Sicherheitspolitische Herausforderungen der Regierung Obama in Asien

GIGA Focus Asia, 01/2009