Publications | Growth and Development

Yun Schüler-Zhou / Margot Schüller / Michel Clement

Internationalisierung chinesischer Unternehmen. Implikationen für die internationale Managementforschung

Die Betriebswirtschaft, 73, 2013, 5, 359-376

Yun Schüler-Zhou / Margot Schüller

Empirical Study of Chinese Subsidiaries' Decision-Making Autonomy in Germany

Asian Business and Management, 12, 2013, 3, 321-350

Margot Schüller / Yun Schüler-Zhou

Chinese Investment Strategies and Migration – Does Diaspora Matter? A Case Study on Germany

MPC Research Reports, 2013, 08

Alena Thiel / Laurence Marfaing

The Impact of Chinese Business on Market Entry in Ghana and Senegal

Africa. Journal of the International African Institute, 83, 2013, 4, 646-669

Björn Vollan / Sebastian Prediger / Markus Frölich

Co-managing common-pool resources: Do formal rules have to be adapted to traditional ecological norms?

Ecological Economics, 95, 2013, 51-62

Ward Anseeuw / Mathieu Boche / Thomas Breu / Markus Giger / Jann Lay / Peter Messerli / Kerstin Nolte

Transnational Land Deals for Agriculture in the “Global South”

Analytical Report Based on the Land Matrix Database, CDE/CIRAD/GIGA, Bern/Montpellier/Hamburg, 2012

Hans-Heinrich Bass

Welternährung in der Krise

GIGA Focus Global, 05/2012

Bettina Bunk

(Good) Governance, Frieden und Sicherheit

Toolbox „Armutsreduzierung konkret“, 2012

Marcus Conlé / Markus Taube

Anatomy of Cluster Development in China: The Case of Health Biotech Clusters

Journal of Science and Technology Policy in China, 3, 2012, 2, 124-144

Lena Giesbert / Kati Schindler

Assets, Shocks, and Poverty Traps in Rural Mozambique

World Development, 40, 2012, 8, 1594-1609

Lena Giesbert / Sophia Sabrow

Financial Inclusion: Strategiewechsel in der Mikrofinanzierung

GIGA Focus Global, 09/2012

Lena Giesbert

Subjective Risk and Participation in Micro Life Insurance in Ghana

GIGA Working Paper, No. 210, December 2012

Erich Gundlach / Martin Paldam

The Democratic Transition. Short run and long run causality between income and the Gastil index

European Journal of Development Research, 24, 2012, 1, 144-168

Wolfgang Hein / Ilona Kickbusch

Global Health Governance and the Intersection of Health and Foreign Policy

in: Ted Schrecker (ed.), The Ashgate Research Companion to the Globalization of Health , Farnham: Ashgate, 2012, 205-227

Jann Lay / Janosch Ondraczek / Jana Stoever

Renewables in the Energy Transition: Evidence on Solar Home Systems and Lighting-Fuel Choice in Kenya

GIGA Working Paper, No. 198, July 2012

Jann Lay / Michael Grimm / Peter Knorringa

Constrained Gazelles: High Potentials in West Africa's Informal Economy

World Development, 40, 2012, 1352-1368

Laurence Marfaing

Living together and living apart in Nouakchott

in: James McDougall / Judith Scheele (eds.), Saharan Frontiers: Space and Mobility in Northwest Africa, Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2012, 185-199

Laurence Marfaing

Dynamiques migratoires et enjeux politico-économiques de la transformation du poisson au Parc national du Banc d'Arguin

in: Sebastien Boulay / Bruno Lecoquierre (eds.), Le littoral mauritanien à l'aube du XXIe siècle: Peuplement, gouvernance de la nature, dynamiques sociales et culturelles, Paris: Karthala, 2012

Daniel Neff / Kunal Sen / Veronika Kling

The Puzzling Decline in Rural Women's Labour Force Participation in India: A Re-examination

Indian Journal of Labour Economics, 55, 2012, 3-4, 408-429

Daniel Neff

Adaptation, Poverty and Subjective Well-Being: Evidence from South India

in: David Alexander Clark (ed.), Adaptation, Poverty and Development: The Dynamics of Subjective Well-Being, London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012, 137-157

Babette Never

Macht in der globalen Klima-Governance

GIGA Focus Global, 04/2012

Babette Never


GIGA Focus International Edition Chinese, 03/2012

Martin Ostermeier / Lena Giesbert / Jann Lay / Sebastian Prediger

Beschäftigung, Armut und die Millenniumsziele der Vereinten Nationen

GIGA Focus Global, 10/2012

Sebastian Renner / Jann Lay

Brasilien und Mexiko: Entwicklung auf Kosten des Klimawandels?

GIGA Focus Latin America, 06/2012

Yun Schüler-Zhou / Margot Schüller / Magnus Brod

Push and Pull Factors for Chinese Investment in Europe

in: Ilan Alon / Marc Fetscherin / Philippe Gugler (eds.), Chinese International Investments, London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012, 157–174

Margot Schüller / Marcus Conlé / David Shim

Korean Innovation Governance under Lee Myung-Bak - A Critical Analysis of Governmental Actor's New Division of Labour

in: Jörg Mahlich / Werner Pascha (eds.), Korean Science and Technology in an International Perspective, Heidelberg: Physica-Verlag, Springer, 2012, 109-128

Margot Schüller / Johannes Meuer / Yun Schüler-Zhou

China‘s OFDI Footprint in Europe: Investment Patterns, Drivers and Implications

Research Report for the EU Commission, 2012

Marcus Conlé

Towards a New C-System of Innovation

in: Cornelia Storz / Sebastian Schäfer (eds.), Institutional Diversity and Innovation: Continuing and Emerging Patterns in Japan and China, London/New York: Routledge, 2011, 154-217

Lena Giesbert / Susan Steiner / Mirko Bendig

Participation in Micro Life Insurance and the Use of Other Financial Services in Ghana

Journal of Risk and Insurance, 78, 2011, 1, 7-35

Lena Giesbert / Susan Steiner

Perceptions of (Micro)Insurance in Southern Ghana: The Role of Information and Peer Effects

GIGA Working Paper, No. 183, December 2011

Erich Gundlach / Matthias Opfinger

Religiosity as a Determinant of Happiness

GIGA Working Paper, No. 163, April 2011

Robert Kappel / Esther Ishengoma

Business Environment and Growth Potential of Micro and Small Manufacturing Enterprises in Uganda

African Development Review, 23, 2011, 3, 352-365

Dirk Kohnert

Cultures of Innovation of the African Poor – Common roots, shared traits, joint prospects? On the articulation of multiple modernities in African societies and Black Diasporas in Latin America

in: Nikolaus Schareika / Eva Spies / Pierre-Yves Le Meur (eds.), Auf dem Boden der Tatsachen. Festschrift für Thomas Bierschenk, Köln: Köppe, 2011, 241-262

Jann Lay / Kerstin Nolte

Neuer „Landraub“ in Afrika?

GIGA Focus Africa, 01/2011

Jann Lay / Michael Grimm / Jens Krueger

Barriers to Entry and Returns to Capital in Informal Activities: Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa

Review of Income and Wealth, 57, 2011, 27-53

Laurence Marfaing / Alena Thiel

Chinese Commodity Imports in Ghana and Senegal: Demystifying Chinese Business Strength in Urban West Africa

GIGA Working Paper, No. 180, November 2011

Sebastian Prediger / Michael Kirk

Potentials and limitations of communal conservancies in southern Namibia

in: Norbert Jürgens / Ute Schmiedel / M. Timm Hoffmann (eds.), Biodiversity in Southern Africa: Implications for Landuse and Management, Vol. 3, Göttingen/Windhoek: Hess Publishers, 2011, 97-101

Sebastian Prediger / Michael Pröpper

Understanding norms and propensities for cooperation and collective action: economic experiments within BIOTA

in: Norbert Jürgens / Ute Schmiedel (eds.), Biodiversity in Southern Africa: Patterns and Processes at Regional Scale, Vol. 2, Göttingen/Windhoek: Hess Publishers, 2011, 265-269

Sebastian Prediger / Björn Vollan / Markus Frölich

The impact of culture and ecology on cooperation in a common-pool resource experiment

Ecological Economics, 70, 2011, 9, 1599-1608

Günter Schucher

The Constricted Evolution of China's Rural Labour Market

in: Björn Alpermann (ed.), Politics and Markets in Rural China, London/New York: Routledge, 2011, 30-47

Margot Schüller

Innovation um jeden Preis? Chinas Innovationspolitik und Rückwirkungen auf Auslandsunternehmen in China

in: Joachim Freimuth / Renate Krieg / Minyan Luo / Constanze Müller / Monika Schädler (eds.), Geistiges Eigentum in China: Neuere Entwicklungen und praktische Ansätze für den Schutz und Austausch von Wissen, Wiesbaden: Gabler Verlag, 2011, 33-46

Jan Peter Wogart / Margot Schüller

The EU's Blue Card: Will It Attract Asia's Highly Skilled?

GIGA Focus International Edition English, 03/2011

Armando Barrientos / Daniel Neff

Attitudes to Chronic Poverty in the “Global Village”

GIGA Working Paper, No. 134, May 2010

Gertraud Beck / Sandra Destradi / Daniel Neff

Neue Bundesstaaten in Indien – eine Gefahr für die nationale Einheit?

GIGA Focus Asia, 09/2010

Joachim Betz / Daniel Neff

Kinderarmut hat Langzeitwirkung. Zu Umfang und Ursachen in Entwicklungsländern

GIGA Focus Global, 08/2010

Juliane Brach

Technology, Political Economy, and Economic Development in the Middle East and North Africa

Review of Middle East Economics and Finance, 5, 2010, 3

Juliane Brach / Markus Loewe

The International Financial Crisis: Impact, Reactions and Perspectives for the Arab World

Mediterranean Politics, 15, 2010, 1, 45-71

Marcus Conlé / Markus Taube

Anatomy of Cluster Development in China: The case of health biotech clusters

Duisburger Arbeitspapiere Ostasienwissenschaften, 84, 2010

Marcus Conlé / Markus Taube

Regional Specialization in China’s Biopharmaceutical Industry

Chinese Management Studies, 4, 2010, 4, 339-359

Lena Giesbert / Kati Schindler

Assets, Shocks, and Poverty Traps in Rural Mozambique

GIGA Working Paper, No. 150, November 2010

Wolfgang Hein / Ilona Kickbusch / Gaudenz Silberschmidt

Addressing Global Health Governance Challenges through a New Mechanism: The Proposal for a Committee C of the World Health Assembly

Journal of Law, Medicines & Ethics, 38, 2010, 3, 550-563

Jann Lay

Sequential Macro-Micro Modelling With Behavioural Microsimulations

International Journal of Microsimulation, 3, 2010, 1, 24-34

Jann Lay

MDG achievements, determinants and resource needs: what has been learnt?

The World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Series, 5320, 2010

Laurence Marfaing

Enjeux politico-économiques et environnementaux d’une activité sous-régionale: transformation du poisson et quotidien des migrants saisonniers dans le Banc d’Arguin (Mauritanie)

in: S. Boulay / E. A. Kane / B. Lecoquierre (eds.), Le littoral mauritanien à l’aube du XXIème siècle: nouvelles mobilités, gouvernance de la nature et dynamiques socio-culturelles, Paris: 2010

Laurence Marfaing

Interaktion Migrationspolitik des Nordens, Süd-Nord Migrationsströme und Süd-Süd Migrationsstrategien

in: Tajana Baraulina / Andrea Riester (eds.), Migration aus Afrika in die Bundesrepublik Deutschland und ihr Potenzial für die Entwicklung Afrikas, Teil 3: politischer Diskurs über Migration und Entwicklung und seine Wirkungen, Bonn: GTZ, 2010

Laurence Marfaing / Mohammed Fall Ould Bah

Demokratie in Mauretanien - Übergangsphasen in Permanenz

INAMO, 61, 2010, 16, 15-22

Daniel Neff

Exploring the Meaningfulness and Relevance of Subjective Well-being for India

Indian Journal of Human Development, 4, 2010, 2, 329-350

Günter Schucher / Mark Kruger

Do Rising Labour Costs Spell the End of China as a ‚World’s Factory’?

ASIEN: The German Journal on Contemporary Asia, 114-115, 2010, 122-136

Günter Schucher

Where Minds Meet. The 'Professionalization' of Cross-Strait Academic Exchange

in: Ying-Jeou Ma (ed.), Chinese (Taiwan) Yearbook of International Law and Affairs, London: Cameron May, 2010, 71-94

Günter Schucher

Weltwirtschaftskrise, Ungleichheit und die Reform des sozialen Sicherungssystems in China (dt, chin)

in: Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung (ed.), Globalisierung und soziale Wohlfahrt, Beijing: Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung, 2010, 50-75

Margot Schüller / Rainer Frietsch (eds.)

Competing for Global Innovation Leadership: Innovation Systems and Policies in the USA, Europe and Asia

Stuttgart: Fraunhofer Verlag, 2010

Margot Schüller / Rainer Frietsch

Asia's Catching Up: Scientific and Technological Competitiveness

in: Margot Schüller / Rainer Frietsch (eds.), Competing for Global Innovation Leadership: Innovation Systems and Policies in the USA, Europe and Asia, Stuttgart: Fraunhofer Verlag, 2010, 119-142

Margot Schüller / David Shim

The Innovation System and Innovation Policy in South Korea

in: Rainer Frietsch / Margot Schüller (eds.), Competing for Global Innovation Leadership: Innovation Systems and Policies in the USA, EU and Asia, Stuttgart: Fraunhofer Verlag, 2010, 169-188

Margot Schüller / Marcus Conlé / Henning Kroll

China: Innovation System and Innovation Policy

in: Rainer Frietsch / Margot Schüller (eds.), Competing for Global Innovation Leadership: Innovation Systems and Policies in the USA, Europe and Asia, Stuttgart: Fraunhofer Verlag, 2010, 241-263

Margot Schüller / Marcus Conlé

Innovation und Wagniskapital: Institutionelle Rahmenbedingungen für die Kommerzialisierung von Hightech-Wissen in Japan, Korea und China

in: Theresa Theurl (ed.), Institutionelle Hintergründe und Konsequenzen von Wissen, Berlin: Duncker & Humblot, 2010, 179-200

Björn Vollan / Sebastian Prediger / Markus Frölich

The influence of collective property rights on grazing management in a semi-arid region

African Journal of Agriculture and Resource Economics, 6, 2010, 1, 372-401

Sonja Bartsch

Southern Actors in Global Public-Private Partnerships: The Case of the Global Fund

in: Sandra MacLean / Pieter Fourie / Sherri Brown (eds.), Health for Some: The Political Economy of Global Health Governance, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009

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Governance Norms in Global Health: Key Concepts

in: Kent Buse / Nick Drager / Wolfgang Hein (eds.), Making Sense of Global Health Governance: A Policy Perspective, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009, 99-121

Mirko Bendig / Lena Giesbert / Susan Steiner

Savings, Credit and Insurance: Household Demand for Formal Financial Services in Rural Ghana

GIGA Working Paper, No. 94, January 2009

Juliane Brach / Robert Kappel

Handel, Hierarchien und Kooperation in der Globalisierung

in: Heidrun Zinecker / Rachid Ouaissa (eds.), Globalisierung – entgrenzte Welten versus begrenzte Identitäten?, Leipzig: Universitätsverlag Leipzig, 2009, 97-162

Juliane Brach / Markus Loewe

Getting Off Lightly? The Impact of the International Financial Crisis on the Middle East and North Africa

GIGA Focus International Edition English, 01/2009

Juliane Brach / Robert Kappel

Global Value Chains, Technology Transfer and Local Firm Upgrading in Non-OECD Countries

GIGA Working Paper, No. 110, October 2009

Marcus Conlé / David Shim

Globale Trends in der Innovationspolitik: Best Practice für alle?

GIGA Focus Global, 01/2009

Marina Dodlova / Maria Yudkevich

Gift Exchange in the Workplace

Human Resource Management Review, 19, 2009, 1, 23-38

Astrid Fritz Carrapatoso

Die WTO und der globale Umweltschutz — ein Beitrag zum Green New Deal?

GIGA Focus Global, 04/2009

Robert Kappel / Juliane Brach

Handel, Hierarchien und Kooperation in der Globalisierung

GIGA Working Paper, No. 95, February 2009

Dirk Kohnert

EU-Africa economic relations: Continuing dominance, traded for aid?

in: Valeria Bello / Belachew Gebrewold (eds.), A Global Security Triangle: European, African and Asian Interaction, London/New York: Routledge, 2009, 111-136

Dirk Kohnert


in: Henning Melber / Andreas Mehler / Klaas van Walraven (eds.), Africa Yearbook Volume 5: Politics, Economy and Society South of the Sahara in 2008, Leiden: Brill, 2009

Dirk Kohnert

New Nationalism and Development in Africa - review article

Africa Spectrum, 44, 2009, 1, 111-123

Jann Lay / Jennifer Golan

More coffee, more cigarettes? Coffee Market Liberalization, Gender, and Bargaining in Uganda

in: Rafael E. de Hoyos / Maurizio Bussolo (eds.), Gender Aspects of the Trade and Poverty Nexus: A Macro-Micro Approach, Washington D.C.: World Bank Publications, 2009, 185-216

Jann Lay / Charles Ackah

Gender Impact of Agricultural Liberalization: Evidence from Ghana

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Jann Lay / Ulf Narloch / Toman Omar Mahmoud

Shocks, Income Diversification and Inequality in a Growing Economy: The Case of Burkina Faso

African Development Review, 21, 2009, 1, 36-58

Laurence Marfaing / Dalila Nadi

Umgang der Transitsstaaten mit der Migration

Informationen zur Politischen Bildung, 303, 2009, 28-30

Daniel Neff

The satisfied poor: Evidence from South India

Brooks World Poverty Research Institute Working Paper Series, 71, 2009