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Mariana Llanos / Cordula Tibi Weber / Charlotte Heyl / Alexander Stroh

Informal Interference in the Judiciary in New Democracies: A Comparison of Six African and Latin American Cases

GIGA Working Paper, No. 245, April 2014

Laurence Marfaing / Alena Thiel

“Agents of Translation”: Westafrican entrepreneurs in China as vectors of social change

Working Papers of the Priority Programme 1448 of the German Research Foundation, 2014, 4

Laurence Marfaing / Elisabeth Boesen (eds.)

Mobilités dans l'espace ouest africain: ressources, développement et intégration régionale

Paris: Karthala, 2014

Laurence Marfaing

Travailleurs migrants dans les villes du Sahara-Sahel comme Nouakchott et Bamako: la mobilité pour la ressource

in: Elisabeth Boesen / Laurence Marfaing (eds.), Mobilités dans l'espace ouest-africain - Ressources, développement local et integration régionale, Paris: Karthala, 2014, 137-164

Andreas Mehler

Pathways to Elite Insecurity / Fieldsights - Hot Spots (Central African Republic)

Cultural Anthropology, Fieldsights - online, 2014

Andreas Mehler

Review: Voting in fear: Electoral violence in Africa

South African Journal of International Affairs, 21, 2014, 1, 156-159

Andreas Mehler

Konferenzbericht: Adapting Institutions: A Comparative Area Studies Perspective

ASIEN: The German Journal on Contemporary Asia, 2014, 132, 116-118

Henning Melber

South Africa’s Elections 2014: And the Winner is?

GIGA Focus International Edition English, 04/2014

Peter Mulder / Henri L. F. de Groot / Birte Pfeiffer

Dynamics and determinants of energy intensity in the service sector: A cross-country analysis, 1980–2005

Ecological Economics , Vol. 100, 2014, 1-15

Melanie Müller

Der Bruch in der südafrikanischen Gewerkschaftsbewegung

GIGA Focus Africa, 10/2014

Kerstin Nolte / Lieske Voget-Kleschin

Consultation in Large-Scale Land Acquisitions: An Evaluation of Three Cases in Mali

World Development, 64, 2014, 654–668

Kerstin Nolte / Martin Ostermeier / Kim Schultze

Food or Fuel – The Role of Agrofuels in the Rush for Land

GIGA Focus International Edition English, 05/2014

Giulia Piccolino

The Dilemmas of Consent in UN Peace Operations: the case of the United Nations Operation in Côte d’Ivoire

in: Marco Wyss / Thierry Tardy (eds.), The Dilemmas of Consent in UN Peace Operations: the case of the United Nations Operation in Côte d’Ivoire, Routledge, 2014, 226-244

Giulia Piccolino

Discours nationaliste et fétichisation de la loi en Côte d’Ivoire entre 2002 et 2011

in: Fabio Viti (ed.), La Côte d’Ivoire, d’une crise à l’autre, Paris: L'Harmattan, 2014, 63-87

Giulia Piccolino / Stephanie Minou

The EU and regional integration in West Africa: effects on conflict resolution and Transformation

RegioConf Working Paper, 5, 2014

Giulia Piccolino

Ultranationalism, Democracy and the Law: Insights from Côte d’Ivoire

Journal of Modern African Studies, 52, 2014, 1, 45-68

Sebastian Prediger / Björn Vollan / Benedikt Herrmann

Resource Scarcity and Antisocial Behavior

Journal of Public Economics, 2014, 119, 1-9

Miriam Prys / Benedikt Franz

Der 6. BRICS-Gipfel: Rückschritt oder Institutionalisierung?

GIGA Focus Global, 05/2014

Claudia Simons / Franzisca Zanker

Questioning the Local in Peacebuilding

Working Papers of the Priority Programme 1448 of the German Research Foundation, 2014, 10

Michael Stasik / Alena Thiel

Market Men and Station Women: Changing Significations of Gendered Space in Accra, Ghana

Working Papers of the Priority Programme 1448 of the German Research Foundation, 2014, 5

Alexander Stroh

Erfolgsbedingungen politischer Parteien im frankophonen Afrika

Opladen, Berlin, Toronto: Barbara Budrich, 2014

Maria Tekülve

Mitteleinkommensland Ghana: Realitäten hinter der Statistik

GIGA Focus Africa, 02/2014

Alena Thiel / Laurence Marfaing

Demystifying Chinese Business Strength in Urban Senegal and Ghana: Structural Change and the Performativity of Rumors

Canadian Journal of African Studies, 48, 2014, 3, 405-423

Christian von Soest

Book review: Marx, Christoph: Südafrika: Geschichte und Gegenwart, Stuttgart: W. Kohlhammer

SEHEPUNKTE - Rezensionsjournal für die Geschichtswissenschaften, 14, 2014, 6

Christian von Soest / Michael Wahman

The Underestimated Effect of Democratic Sanctions

E-International Relations, 2014

Stefanie Wodrig

Crafting a Region While Intervening? Regional Discourses on Burundi

Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding, 8, 2014, 2-3, 214-239

Franzisca Zanker

Legitimate Representation: Civil Society Actors in Peace Negotiations Revisited

International Negotiation, 19, 2014, 1, 62 – 88

Franzisca Zanker

"Monrovia is not Liberia": A Rocky Path towards Decentralisation

Conflict Trends, 2014, 3, 10-16

Franzisca Zanker

Book review: Why Peace Fails: The causes and prevention of civil war recurrence

African Affairs, 113, 2014, 451, 324-326

Nadine Ansorg / Felix Haaß / Julia Strasheim

Institutions for Sustainable Peace: From Research Gaps to New Frontiers

Global Governance, 19, 2013, 19-26

Nadine Ansorg / Felix Haaß

Multilaterale Friedenssicherung in Afrika

GIGA Focus Africa, 06/2013

Matthias Basedau / Jan H. Pierskalla

How Ethnicity Conditions the Effect of Oil and Gas on Civil Conflict: A Spatial Analysis of Africa from 1990 to 2010

Political Geography, 38, 2013, online first

Matthias Basedau / Johannes Vüllers / Peter Körner

What drives Interreligious Violence? Lessons from Nigeria, Cote d'Ivoire and Tanzania

Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, 36, 2013, 10, 857-879

Matthias Basedau / Sebastian Elischer

Auf dem Rückzug in die Kasernen? Autoritäre Herrschaft und das Militär im subsaharischen Afrika

Politische Vierteljahresschrift, Sonderheft 47, 2013, 354-383

Hans-Heinrich Bass / Hans-Hermann Steinbeck

Afrika im Sog der Eurokrise

GIGA Focus Global, 02/2013

Matthijs Bogaards / Matthias Basedau / Christof Hartmann (eds.)

Ethnic Party Bans in Africa

London: Routledge, 2013

Sandra Destradi / Eva Küssner

Go South! India "Discovers" Africa and Latin America

GIGA Focus International Edition English, 04/2013

Sebastian Elischer

Political Parties in Africa. Ethnicity and Party Formation

New York: Cambridge University Press, 2013

Gero Erdmann / Matthias Basedau

An Overview of African Party Systems

in: Renske Doorenspleet / Lia Nijzink (eds.), One-Party Dominance in African Democracies, Boulder: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2013, 25-48

Gero Erdmann

Neopatrimonialism and Political Regimes

in: Nic Cheeseman / Dave Anderson / Andrea Scheibler (eds.), Routledge Handbook of African Politics, London, New York: Routledge, 2013, 59-69

Julia Grauvogel / Katharina Newbery / Christian von Soest

Stabilität durch regionale Sanktionen in Afrika?

GIGA Focus Africa, 03/2013

Michael Grimm / Flore Gubert / Ousman Koriko / Jann Lay / Christophe Nordman

Kinship ties and entrepreneurship in Western Africa

Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship, 26, 2013, 2, 125-150

Michael Grimm / Renate Hartwig / Jann Lay

Electricity Access and the Performance of Micro and Small Enterprises: Evidence from West Africa

European Journal of Development Research, 25, 2013, 815–829

Felix Haass

Coordinating to build peace? Lessons from the U.N. Peacebuilding Commission’s engagement in Burundi

Winning Case Study of the United States Institute of Peace’s Case Study Competition, 2013

Charlotte Heyl / Julia Leininger

Mali 1992-2012: Erfolge und Schwächen einer jungen Demokratie

in: Martin Hofbauer / Philipp Münch (eds.), Wegweiser zur Geschichte. Mali, Paderborn: Ferdinand Schöningh, 2013, 73-83

Nicole Hirt / Abdulkader Saleh Mohammad

‘Dreams don't come true in Eritrea’: Anomie and Family Disintegration due to the Structural Militarization of Eritrean Society

Journal of Modern African Studies, 51, 2013, 01, 139-168

Steffen Kailitz / Patrick Köllner

Autokratien im Vergleich

Politische Vierteljahresschrift, Sonderheft 47, 2013, 602

Robert Kappel

Is Africa Rising? Why Excessive Optimism is Misplaced

KfW Views on Development, 8, 2013, 2, 1-3

Robert Kappel

Afrika: weder hoffnungsloser Fall noch Aufstiegswunder

GIGA Focus Africa, 09/2013

Robert Kappel / Birte Pfeiffer

Performanzanalyse Subsahara-Afrika

Studie im Auftrag der Deutschen Bundesbank, 2013

Robert Kappel

Africa Rising? Warum der Hyperoptimismus nicht angebracht ist

KfW Views on Development, 8, 2013, 2, 1-4

Robert Kappel

Südafrika – die Krisensymptome verstärken sich

GIGA Focus Africa, 07/2013

Robert Kappel / Birte Pohl

Der wirtschaftliche Aufstieg der BRICS-Staaten

GIGA Focus Global, 01/2013

Linda Kleemann / Jann Lay / Kerstin Nolte / Konrad Ott / Rainer Thiele / Lieske Voget-Kleschin

Economic and Ethical Challenges of "Land Grabs" in Sub-Saharan Africa

Kiel Policy Brief, 76, 2013

Jann Lay / Sebastian Prediger

Decent work in a post-2015 development agenda

Meinungsforum Entwicklungspolitik, 2, KfW Entwicklungsbank, 2013

Jann Lay / Janosch Ondraczek / Jana Stoever

Renewables in the Energy Transition: Evidence on Solar Home Systems and Lighting-Fuel Choice in Kenya

Energy Economics, 40, 2013, 350-359

Stefan Lindemann / Tom Goodfellow

The Clash of Institutions: Traditional Authority, Conflict and the Failure of 'Hybridity' in Buganda

Commonwealth & Comparative Politics, 51, 2013, 1, 3-26

Laurence Marfaing

Mobility for resources and local development in West Africa

in: Robert McKenzie / Alessandro Triulzi (eds.), Long Journeys. African Migrants on the Road, Leiden: Brill, 2013, 135-163

Andreas Mehler


in: Nicolas Cheeseman / David Anderson / Andrea Scheibler (eds.), Routledge Handbook of African Politics, Abingdon: Routledge, 2013

Andreas Mehler

Central Africa

in: Andreas Mehler / Henning Melber / Klaas van Walraven (eds.), Africa Yearbook. Politics, Economy and Society South of the Sahara in 2012, Leiden, Boston: Brill, 2013, 203-210

Andreas Mehler / Henning Melber / Klaas van Walraven (eds.)

Africa Yearbook Volume 9, Politics, Economy and Society South of the Sahara in 2012

Leiden: Brill, 2013

Andreas Mehler

Central African Republic

in: Andreas Mehler / Henning Melber / Klaas van Walraven (eds.), Africa Yearbook. Politics, Economy and Society South of the Sahara in 2012, Leiden, Boston: Brill, 2013, 219-225

Andreas Mehler

Why Federalism Did Not Lead to Secession in Cameroon

Ethnopolitics, 13, 2013, 1, 48-66

Andreas Mehler

Review Mike McGovern 'Making War in Côte d'Ivoire'

The Journal of Modern African Studies, 51, 2013, 1, 189-191

Andreas Mehler

Positive, ambiguous or negative? Peacekeeping in the local security fabric

in: Ulf Engel / Joao Gomes Porto (eds.), Towards an African Peace and Security Regime. Continental Embeddedness, Transnational Linkages, Strategic Relevance, Farnham: Ashgate, 2013, 155-178

Giulia Piccolino

Book review of Adekeye Adebajo and Kaye Whiteman (eds), The EU and Africa. From Eurafrique to Afro-Europa

Strategic Review for Southern Africa, 35, 2013, 2, 160-162

Jan Pierskalla / Florian Hollenbach

Technology and Collective Action: The Effect of Cell Phone Coverage on Political Violence in Africa

American Political Science Review, 2013, 207-224

Jan Pierskalla / Sean Zeigler / Sandeep Mazumder

War and the Reelection Motive. Examining the Effect of Term Limits

Journal of Conflict Resolution, 2013

Johannes Plagemann

Mosambik: Rückkehr des Bürgerkriegs?

GIGA Focus Africa, 10/2013

Sören Scholvin / Georg Strüver

Infrastrukturprojekte in der SADC-Region: die Rolle Chinas

GIGA Focus Africa, 02/2013

Claudia Simons / Franzisca Zanker

Die Polizeireform in den Postkonfliktstaaten Burundi und Liberia

GIGA Focus Africa, 05/2013

Claudia Simons / Franzisca Zanker / Denis Tull / Andreas Mehler

Power-sharing in Africa’s war zones: how important is the local level?

Journal of Modern African Studies, 51, 2013, 4, 681-706

Alexander Stroh / Charlotte Heyl

Diffusion versus Strategic Action? The Creation of West African Constitutional Courts Revisited

GIGA Working Paper, No. 239, November 2013

Alena Thiel / Laurence Marfaing

The Impact of Chinese Business on Market Entry in Ghana and Senegal

Africa. Journal of the International African Institute, 83, 2013, 4, 646-669

Björn Vollan / Sebastian Prediger / Markus Frölich

Co-managing common-pool resources: Do formal rules have to be adapted to traditional ecological norms?

Ecological Economics, 95, 2013, 51-62

Christian von Soest

Persistent Systemic Corruption: Why Democratization and Economic Liberalization have failed to undo an old Evil. A six-country analysis

Zeitschrift für Vergleichende Politikwissenschaft, Comparative Governance and Politics, 7, 2013, 57-87

Johannes Vüllers

Book Review: Ulf Engel (ed.) (2012), New Mediation Practices in African Conflicts

Africa Spectrum, 48, 2013, 2, 141-143

Michael Wahman

Oppositional Coalitions and Democratization by Elections

Government and Opposition, 48, 2013, 1, 3-32

Tim Wegenast

Opening Pandora's Box? Inclusive Institutions and the Onset of Internal Conflict in Oil-Rich Countries

International Political Science Review, 34, 2013, 4, 392-410

Jörg Wischermann

Introduction: Concept Note for an International Conference and a Basic Framework for Analysis for paper Presenters

in: Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Vietnam (ed.), Proceedings. Alternative Left Theories: Comparing Experiences from four Countries. Reviewing the Cases of Vietnam, Algeria, Mozambique and Cuba, Hanoi, 2013, 2-19