Application and Funding

There are three ways in which prospective doctoral students can join the GIGA Doctoral Programme:

  • Students wishing to work full-time on their dissertation project can apply as a fellow. Please note that the deadline for the most recent call for applications to join the programme in October 2020 has already passed. For general questions please see our list of FAQs.
  • Researchers already working in third party-funded projects at the GIGA can join the doctoral programme as an associate.
  • Doctoral students who are not affiliated with the GIGA can join the doctoral programme temporarily as a visiting doctoral researcher. The requirements and application procedures can be found on our website.

Doctoral students at the GIGA receive their funding from different sources. We provide potential applicants with a list of foundations and institutions that offer scholarships for doctoral students. We encourage all prospective doctoral students to inform themselves about third party-funding opportunities before applying to the GIGA. The final admission to the programme is dependent upon the applicant’s ability to provide proof of funding by the starting date.
You can find further relevant information in our FAQs.