Christian Wirth / Sebastian Maslow

Narrating Japan’s Crisis, Narrating Japan’s Rebirth

Kapitel in Sammelband | 2021

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    Crisis Narratives, Institutional Change and the Transformation of the Japanese State


    SUNY Press



    Forschungsprojekt | 01.01.2017 - 01.12.2019

    Crisis Narratives, Institutional Change and State Transformation: Japan in the Global Context

    While East Asia’s and especially China’s economic growth has become a major driving force of global change, developed countries struggle to readjust their social, economic and political institutions to the challenges of financial crises, shrinking populations, and the rising demand for and costs of social welfare. As an economically and technologically highly advanced society, Japan finds itself at the intersection and forefront of these regional and global changes.
    GIGA, Tohoku University Forum for Creativity, 2017-2019

    Dr. Sebastian Maslow

    Prof. Dr. David Chiavacci

    Prof. Dr. Hiroko Takeda

    Dr. Jeremy Breaden

    Prof. Dr. Koichi Hasegawa

    Ass. Prof. Dr. Saori Shibata

    Dr. Paul O'Shea

    Ass. Prof. Dr. Raymond Yamamoto

    Ass. Prof. Dr. Dr. Ra Mason

    Dr. Shogo Suzuki


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