Marcello Perez-Alvarez / Jan Priebe / Dewi Susanti

Teacher Accountability and Pay-for-Performance Schemes in (Semi-) Urban Indonesia : What do Education Stakeholders Think?

Arbeitspapier | 2020

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    The World Bank



    Marcello Perez-Alvarez

    Dewi Susanti

    Forschungsprojekt | 01.01.2018 - 01.12.2021

    Community Empowerment and Teacher Performance Pay: Education in Indonesia

    The project implements randomized controlled trials in Indonesia's education sector. The objectives are to find suitable policy interventions that can contribute to raising student learning outcomes among the poor and disadvantaged communities in the country.
    The project is supported by multiple partners such as Indonesia's Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, the vice-president office (TNP2K), the World Bank, DFAT, and USAID; 2018-2021

    Arya Gaduh

    Menno Pradhan

    Dewi Susanti

    Christopher Bjork

    Marcela Ibanez-Diaz

    Gerhard Riener


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