Rafael Mesquita de Souza Lima

Rising Powers Diplomatic Network (RPDN)


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    Rising Powers Diplomatic Network (RPDN) monitors the distribution of the diplomatic apparatus of emerging powers across the globe. Its latest version (release v2) contains data on Brazil, South Africa and Turkey, covering mainly the 1995-2019 timespan. Specifically, RPDN contains information on two items: presidential diplomacy (i.e.: number of official visits) and diplomatic presence (number and size of diplomatic representations abroad, aggregated on city and country level). Data for Turkey also list visits by the prime minister in addition to the president’s. Data for Brazil and South Africa also report: size of staff at each diplomatic post and number of military attachés abroad. Data for Brazil also contain information on post raking/grade.


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    1995 - 2019

    Länder und Regionen

    Brazil, South Africa, Turkey

    Rafael Mesquita de Souza Lima

    Rafael Mesquita de Souza Lima

    Universidade Federal de Pernambuco


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