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Lenz, Tobias / Burilkov, Alexandr / Viola, Lora (forthcoming), Legitimacy and the cognitive sources of international institutional change: the case of regional parliamentarization, in: International Studies Quarterly
Lenz, Tobias / Burilkov, Alexandr (2017), Institutional pioneers in world politics: Regional institution building and the influence of the European Union, in: European Journal of International Relations, 23, 3, 654-680
Burilkov, Alexandr / Geise, Torsten (2013), Maritime Strategies of Rising Powers: developments in China and Russia, in: Third World Quarterly, 34, Special Issue 6, 1037-1053


Burilkov, Alexandr (2015), Oligarch vs. Nationalist: Ukraine’s 2014 Parliamentary Elections, GIGA Focus International Edition English, 02/2015, Hamburg: GIGA