André Bank / Christiane Fröhlich / Andrea Schneiker

The Political Dynamics of Human Mobility: Migration out of, as and into Violence

Global Policy, 8, 2017, S1, 12-18
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André Bank

Comparative Area Studies and the Study of Middle East Politics after the Arab Uprisings

in: Ariel I. Ahram / Patrick Köllner / Rudra Sil (eds.), Comparative Area Studies: Methodologies Rationales and Cross-Regional Applications, New York: Oxford University Press, 2018, 119-129

Christiane Fröhlich

Special Issue: Critical Views on Human Mobility in Times of Crisis

Global Policy, 8, Issue Supplement S1. [open access], 2017, 1-59

Jan Selby / Omar Dahi / Christiane Fröhlich / Mike Hulme

Climate change and the Syrian civil war revisited

Political Geography , 60, 2017, 232-244

Mary Michele Connellan / Christiane Fröhlich (eds.)

A Gendered Lens for Genocide Prevention

UK: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017

Christiane Fröhlich

A Critical View on Human Mobility in Times of Crisis

Global Policy, 8, 2017, Issue Supplement S1, 5-11