Jan Priebe / Fiona Howell / Paulina Pankowska

The determinants of access to social assistance programs in Eastern Indonesia: Empirical evidence from the IFLS-East 2012

TNP2K and DFAT , 2014

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Arya Gaduh / Menno Pradhan / Jan Priebe / Dewi Susanti

Scores, Camera, Action? Incentivizing Teachers in Remote Areas

20, 2020, 35

Dewi Susanti / Jan Priebe / Adama Bah

The hard truth: Challenges of primary education in rural and remote Indonesia

Wold Bank Blogs, 2020

Jan Priebe

Quasi-experimental evidence for the causal link between fertility and subjective well-being

Journal of Population Economics, 33, 2020, 3, 839-882

Jan Priebe / Ute Rink / Henry Stemmler

Health shocks and risk aversion: Panel and experimental evidence from Vietnam

Courant Research Center: Poverty, equity, growth: Discussion paper, 267, 2019