Katrin Hansing

Race and Inequality in the New Cuba: Reasons, Dynamics, and Manifestations

Social Research: An International Quarterly, 84, 2017, 2, 331-349

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Katrin Hansing / Bert Hoffmann

Cuban Society: Becoming More Unequal, Connected and Diverse

in: Philip Brenner / Marguerite Rose Jiménez / John M. Kirk / William M. LeoGrande (eds.), A Contemporary Cuba Reader: The Revolution Under Raúl Castro, 2nd ed., London: Rowman & Littlefield, forthcoming

Katrin Hansing / Bert Hoffmann

Cuba's New Social Structure: Assessing the Re-Stratification of Cuban Society 60 Years after Revolution

GIGA Working Paper, No. 315, February 2019

Katrin Hansing

Race and Inequality in Cuba

Current History, 117, 2018, 796, 69-72

Katrin Hansing

Rasta in Revolution: The Rastafari Movement in Socialist Cuba

in: Ingrid Kummels / Claudia Rauhut / Stefan Rinke / Birte timm (eds.), Transatlantic Caribbean: Dialogues of People, Practices, Ideas, Bielefeld: Transcript, 2015, 165-180

Katrin Hansing

Racial Inequality in the New Cuba

Cuba Counterpoints, 2015