Nicole Hirt

No Lessons Learned: Europe's unconditional engagement with the Eritrean regime

Horn of Africa Bulletin, 28, 2016, 5, 22-27

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Nicole Hirt

European Missteps on African Migration

Current History, 117, 2018, 799, 175-180

Nicole Hirt / Abdulkader Saleh Mohammad

The Lack of Political Space of the Eritrean Diaspora in the Arab Gulf and Sudan: Torn Between an Autocratic Home and Authoritarian Hosts

Mashriq & Mahjar: Journal of Middle East and North African Migration Studies , 5, 2018, 1, 101-126

Nicole Hirt


in: Jon Abbink / Sebastian Elischer / Andreas Mehler / Henning Melber (eds.), Africa Yearbook 2016, Vol. 13, Leiden: Brill, 2017, 294-300

Nicole Hirt

Fleeing Repression: Inside Eritrea

in: Giovanni Carbone (ed.), Out of Africa. Why People Migrate, Milano: ISPI, 2017, 95-118