Sabine Otto / Adam Scharpf / Anita Gohdes

Capturing Group Alignments: Introducing the Government and Armed Actors Relations Dataset (GAARD)

Research and Politics, forthcoming

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Dr. Adam Scharpf

Research Fellow
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Adam Scharpf

Why Governments Have Their Troops Trained Abroad: Evidence from Latin America

International Studies Quarterly, forthcoming

Adam Scharpf

Die gefährliche Allianz zwischen Populisten & Militär

Brasilicum, 257, 2020, 38-39

Christian Gläßel / Belén González / Adam Scharpf

Grist to the mill of subversion: strikes and coups in counterinsurgencies

European Journal of International Relations, online first, 2020

Adam Scharpf

Gefährliche Allianzen: Populistische Regime und das Militär

GIGA Focus Lateinamerika, 01/2020

Adam Scharpf / Christian Gläßel

Why Underachievers Dominate Secret Police Organizations: Evidence from Autocratic Argentina

Blog: AJPS - American Journal of Political Science , 2019