Publikationen | Politische Verantwortlichkeit und Partizipation

Jasmin Lorch

Algeriens säkulare Zivilgesellschaft: Zwischen Reformbeiträgen und Systemerhalt

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Viola Lucas / Thomas Richter

Arbeitsmarktpolitik im Golfkooperationsrat (GCC)

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Viola Lucas


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Christina Maags / Heike Holbig

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Hannes B. Mosler / Luicy Pedroza

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Detlef Nolte

América Latina: Constituciones flexibles y estructuras de poder rígidas

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Luicy Pedroza

Unchecked Migration and Democratic Citizenship

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Luicy Pedroza

The Unequal Chances of Migrating and Belonging

International Affairs Forum, 1, 2016, 1, 41-47

Luicy Pedroza / Pau Palop / Bert Hoffmann

Neue Nähe: Die Politik der Staaten Lateinamerikas zu ihren Emigranten

GIGA Focus Lateinamerika, 03/2016

Luicy Pedroza / Pau Palop / Bert Hoffmann

Emigrant Policies in Latin America and the Caribbean

Santiago de Chile: FLASCO Chile, 2016

Thomas Richter / André Bank

Transnational Diffusion and Cooperation in the Middle East and North Africa: A Conceptual Note

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Thomas Richter

Entwicklung und Struktur der Wirtschaft

Informationen zur politischen Bildung: Naher Osten, 331, 2016, 38-45

Cecilia Roa

Die Demokratisierung der Umweltpolitik im Nachkriegskolumbien

GIGA Focus Lateinamerika, 05/2016

María Cecilia Roa García

Agua, democratización ambiental y fronteras extractivas en Colombia

GIGA Working Paper, No. 291, September 2016

Stephan Rosiny / Thomas Richter

Der Arabische Frühling und seine Folgen

Informationen zur politischen Bildung: Naher Osten, 331, 2016, 68-81

Stephan Rosiny / Thomas Richter

Der Arabische Frühling: Missverständnisse und Perspektiven

GIGA Focus Nahost, 04/2016

Andreas Schedller / Bert Hoffmann

Communicating Authoritarian Elite Cohesion

Democratization, 23, 2016, 1, 93-117

Jason Sumich

The Middle Class of Mozambique and the Politics of the Blank Slate

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Cordula Tibi Weber / Mariana Llanos

Between Independence and Control: Recent Developments within the Judiciary in Latin America

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Christian von Soest / Fabian Bohnenberger

Externe Unterstützung stärkt die Demokratie in Afrika

GIGA Focus Afrika, 04/2016

Jörg Wischermann / Bettina Bunk / Patrick Köllner / Jasmin Lorch

Do Associations Support Authoritarian Rule? Tentative Answers from Algeria, Mozambique, and Vietnam

GIGA Working Paper, No. 295, December 2016

Jörg Wischermann / The Cuong Bui / Thi Viet Phuong Dang

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André Bank / Thomas Richter / Anna Sunik

Long-Term Monarchical Survival in the Middle East: A Configurational Comparison, 1945-2012

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André Bank / Mirjam Edel

Authoritarian Regime Learning: Comparative Insights from the Arab Uprisings

GIGA Working Paper, No. 274, June 2015

André Bank

Comparative Area Studies and Middle East Politics after the Arab Uprisings

META - Middle East Topics & Arguments, 2015, 4, 20-27

Maria Bondes / Günter Schucher

Derailed Emotions: The Transformation of Claims and Targets during the Wenzhou Online Incident

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Alexandr Burilkov

Oligarch vs. Nationalist: Ukraine’s 2014 Parliamentary Elections

GIGA Focus International Edition English, 02/2015

Aurel Croissant / Steffen Kailitz / Patrick Köllner / Stefan Wurster (eds.)

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May Darwich

Machtprestige als Motiv des saudischen Krieges im Jemen

GIGA Focus Nahost, 06/2015

Katja Drinhausen / Günter Schucher

Zivilgesellschaft unter Druck: Globaler Widerstand gegen Demokratie wächst

GIGA Focus Global, 03/2015

Anaïd Flesken

Bolivien: vom sinkenden Stellenwert indigener Politik

GIGA Focus Lateinamerika, 01/2015

Julia Grauvogel / Claudia Simons

Die Krise in Burundi: Scheitert Arusha?

GIGA Focus Afrika, 06/2015

Anja Hoffmann

Dezentralisierung in Marokko – hohe Erwartungen

GIGA Focus Nahost, 08/2015

Bert Hoffmann

Cuba en la “era pos-17D”

Iberoamericana. Ensayos Sobre Letras, Historia Y Sociedad. Notas. Reseñas Iberoamericanas, XV, 2015, 57, 159-161

Bert Hoffmann

A Südpolitik made in Washington?

in: Eric Hershberg / William Leogrande (eds.), Implications of Normalization. Scholarly Perspectives on U.S.-Cuban Relations. A Web Forum, Washington D.C: American University, CLALS, 2015

Bert Hoffmann

The international dimension of authoritarian regime legitimation: insights from the Cuban case

Journal of International Relations and Development, 18, 2015, 556–574

Bert Hoffmann

Kuba-USA: Wandel durch Annäherung

GIGA Focus Lateinamerika, 02/2015

Heike Holbig

Krise und politische Legitimität in Chinas langem 20. Jahrhundert

in: Hans-Jürgen Burchardt / Stefan Peters (eds.), Der Staat in globaler Perspektive. Zur Renaissance der Entwicklungsstaaten, Frankfurt/Main: Campus, 2015, 125-147

Heike Holbig

Yishixingtai de shiyingxing biange yu huiying kunjing: Shiba da hou Zhongguo gongchandang de yishixingtai chuangxin (Ideological Adaptation and the Responsiveness Dilemma: Innovations in Party Ideology Since the 18th Party Congress)

in: Keping Yu / Thomas Heberer / Björn Alpermann (eds.), Zhonggong de zhili yu shiying. Bijiao de shiye (Governance and Adaptation of the Chinese Communist Party: A Comparative Perspective), Beijing: Zhonggong Bianyi Chubanshe, 2015, 87-111

Magna Inácio / Mariana Llanos

The Institutional Presidency from a Comparative Perspective: Argentina and Brazil since the 1980s

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Maria Josua / Mirjam Edel

To repress or not to repress - regime survival strategies in the Arab Spring

Terrorism and Political Violence, 27, 2015, 2, 289-309

Carolin Kautz / Heike Holbig

Bürgerrechte und Zivilgesellschaft in China: Diskursive Rechtfertigungsstrategien im Schatten parteistaatlicher Hegemonie

ASIEN: The German Journal on Contemporary Asia , 137, 2015, (October 2015)

Patrick Köllner / Patrick Flamm / Philipp Olbrich

Das politische System Südkoreas seit der Demokratisierung

in: Eun-Jeung Lee / Hannes B. Mosler (eds.), Länderbericht Korea, Bonn: Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung, 2015, 98-112

Patrick Köllner

The Triumph and Fall of The Democratic Party of Japan

in: Ronald J. Hrebenar / Akira Nakamura (eds.), Party Politics in Japan: Political Chaos and Stalemate in the twenty-first Century, London/New York: Routledge, 2015, 80-117

Mariana Llanos

Argentinien – Politik, Wahlen und Gerechtigkeit

GIGA Focus Lateinamerika, 04/2015

Jasmin Lorch

Civil Society, Political Alliance-Building, and Democratization in the Philippines: An Instructive Example for the MENA Region?

Middle East Asia Project (MAP) Series: Civil Society and Political Transitions in the MENA and Southeast Asia, Oct 08, 2015, 2015

Jasmin Lorch


in: Ostasiatischer Verein (OAV) (ed.), Wirtschaftshandbuch Asien-Pazifik 2014/2015, Hamburg: Ostasiatischer Verein (OAV), 2015, 365-385

Andreas Mehler / Marcus Seuser

Meinungsfreiheit in Afrika unter Druck

GIGA Focus Afrika, 04/2015

Nele Noesselt

Relegitimizing the Chinese Party-State: “Old” Sources of Modern Chinese Party Power

Asiatische Studien - Études Asiatiques, 69, 2015, 1, 213–233

Detlef Nolte

Réformes constitutionnelles en Amérique Latine

in: Carlos Miguel Herrera (ed.), Le constitutionnalisme latino-américain aujourd'hui: entre renouveau juridique et essor démocratique?, Paris: Éditions Kimé, 2015, 55-82

Detlef Nolte

Lateinamerika: Flexible Verfassungen und starre Machtstrukturen

GIGA Focus Lateinamerika, 08/2015

Luicy Pedroza

Electoral Rights in Mexico

EUDO Citizenship Observatory on Citizenship, 2015

Luicy Pedroza

The Democratic Potential of Enfranchising Resident Migrants

International Migration, 53, 2015, 3, 22-35

Peter Peetz

Demokratiedefizite in Lateinamerika

Hispanorama, 2015, 148, 65-69

Miquel Pellicer / Eva Wegner

Who Votes for Islamist Parties – and Why?

GIGA Focus International Edition English, 01/2015

Miquel Pellicer / Eva Wegner

The Moroccan Party of Justice and Development in Local Politics

Middle East Journal, 69, 2015, 1, 32-49

Cecilia Roa / Sandra Brown / Clara Eugenia Roa García

Hierarchy of vulnerabilities of community water organizations in Colombia

Gestión y Ambiente, 18, 2015, 2, 51-79

Cecilia Roa / Sandra Brown

Assessing equity and sustainability of water allocation in Colombia

Local Environment, online first, 2015, 1-29

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Water laws in the Andes: A promising precedent for challenging neoliberalism

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The challenge of urban-rural equity in water access for domestic use in Colombia

Journal of Environmental Sustainability, 4, 2015, 3-15

Almut Schilling-Vacaflor / Riccarda Flemmer

Rohstoffabbau in Lateinamerika: Fehlende Bürgerbeteiligung schürt Konflikte

GIGA Focus Lateinamerika, 05/2015

Almut Schilling-Vacaflor / Riccarda Flemmer

Conflict Transformation through Prior Consultation?

Journal of Latin American Studies, 47, 2015, 4, 811-839

Alexander Stroh / Charlotte Heyl

Institutional Diffusion, Strategic Insurance and the Creation of West African Constitutional Courts

Comparative Politics, 47, 2015, 2, 169-187

Andreas Ufen

Malaysia: Korruption ohne Ausweg

Blätter für deutsche und internationale Politik Heft, 10, 2015, 33-36

Andreas Ufen

Die unwahrscheinliche Demokratie

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Political Finance Regimes in Southeast Asia: Introduction

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Christian von Soest / Julia Grauvogel

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How Do Non-Democratic Regimes Claim Legitimacy? Comparative Insights from Post-Soviet Countries

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Christian von Soest

Democracy prevention: The international collaboration of authoritarian regimes

European Journal of Political Research, 54, 2015, 4, 623-638

Jörg Wischermann / Bettina Bunk / Patrick Köllner / Jasmin Lorch

Zivilgesellschaftliche Organisationen in Autokratien: Akteure des Wandels?

GIGA Focus Global, 06/2015

Jörg Wischermann / Bui The Cuong / Nguyen Quang Vinh / Dang Thi Viet Phuong / Nguyen Thi Minh Chau

Under the State's Thumb: Results from an Empirical Survey of Civic Organizations in Vietnam

GIGA Working Paper, No. 276, July 2015

Gero Erdmann / Marianne Kneuer (eds.)

Externe Faktoren der Demokratisierung

Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2014, 2. unveränderte Auflage

André Bank / Anna Sunik

Parliamentary Elections in Jordan, January 23, 2013

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Durable, Yet Different: Monarchies in the Arab Spring

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Marianne Beisheim / Andrea Liese / Jasmin Lorch


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Heinrich Bergstresser

Nigeria 2014: Wirtschaftsboom, Verteilungskämpfe und Terror

GIGA Focus Afrika, 04/2014

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Forced Engagements, Water Security and Local Rights Formalization in Yanque, Colca Valley, Peru

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Sebastian Elischer

Salafisten in Afrika: nicht zwingend Wegbereiter des Terrorismus

GIGA Focus Afrika, 03/2014

Anaïd Flesken

Indigene Mobilisierung in Lateinamerika: ein wenig genutztes Potenzial

GIGA Focus Lateinamerika, 05/2014

Johannes Gerschewski

Institutionalizing Autocratic Rule. Legitimation, Repression, and Co-optation in Autocracies

Berlin: Humboldt Universität (Doctoral Dissertation), 2014

Charlotte Heyl / Alexander Stroh

Verfassungsgerichte in Westafrika: unabhängige Krisenmanager?

GIGA Focus Afrika, 01/2014

Bert Hoffmann

Concluding Remarks

in: Institut des Amériques (ed.), Conceptual Innovations in Area Studies, Paris: 2014

Bert Hoffmann

Claiming citizenship: web-based voice and digital media in socialist Cuba

in: Anita Breuer / Yanina Welp (eds.), Digital Technologies for Democratic Governance in Latin America, Abingdon: Routledge, 2014, 200-216