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Michael Stasik / Alena Thiel

Market men and station women: changing significations of gendered space in Accra, Ghana

Journal of Contemporary African Studies, 34, 2016, 4, 459-478

Julia Strasheim

Power-sharing, commitment problems, and armed conflict in Ukraine

Civil Wars, 18, 2016, 1, 25-44

Jason Sumich

The Middle Class of Mozambique and the Politics of the Blank Slate

in: Henning Melber (ed.), The Rise of Africa's Middle Class: Myths, Realities and Critical Engagements, London: Zed Books, 2016, 159-169

Jason Sumich

The Wiriyamu Massacre

H-Luso-Africa, 2016

Alena Thiel

"Tu peux me tromper sur le prix, mais pas sur la marchandise": Imaginaires d’authenticité et leurs négociations dans le marché de marchandises de Chine à Accra

in: Karsten Giese / Laurence Marfaing (eds.), Entrepreneurs africains et chinois: Les impacts sociaux d’une rencontre particulière, Paris: Karthala, 2016, 345-370

Christian von Soest / Deborah Haffner / Jonas Sell

Nebenwirkungen von Sanktionen: Kulturelle Beziehungen mit Iran, Kuba, Russland und Belarus

Stuttgart: Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, 2016

Konstantin M. Wacker / Philipp Grosskurth / Tabea Lakemann

Foreign Direct Investment, Terms of Trade, and Quality Upgrading: What Is So Special about South Asia?

Asian Development Review, 33, 2016, 1, 28-55

Stefanie Wodrig / Julia Grauvogel

Talking past each other: Regional and domestic resistance in the Burundian intervention scene

Cooperation and Conflict, 51, 2016, 3, 272– 290

Franzisca Zanker

Liberias Polizei: „Die Leute respektieren uns“

Welt-Sichten, 2016, 7, 30-33

Franzisca Zanker

Moving Beyond Hybridity: The Multi-Scalar Adaptation of Community Policing in Liberia

Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding, online first, 2016, 1-20

Rocco Zizzamia / Simone Schotte / Murray Leibbrandt / Vimal Ranchhod

Vulnerability and the middle class in South Africa

SALDRU Working Paper, 188 / NIDS Discussion Paper 2016/15, 2016

Matthias Basedau / Nina Mappes

Kriegskontinent Afrika? Ein Klischee auf dem Prüfstand

GIGA Focus Afrika, 05/2015

Matthias Basedau / Carlo Koos

When do Religious Leaders Support Faith-Based Violence. Evidence from a Survey Poll in South Sudan

Political Research Quarterly, 68, 2015, 4, 760-772

Natália Bueno / Johannes Plagemann / Julia Strasheim

Provincial Autonomy: The Territorial Dimension of Peace in Mozambique

GIGA Focus International Edition English, 10/2015

Melike Döver / Robert Kappel

Hürden für die Industrialisierung in Afrika

GIGA Focus Afrika, 07/2015

Sebastian Elischer

Taking stock of ‘good coups’ in Africa

Washington Post, Monkey Cage, 2015

Lena Giesbert / Susan Steiner

Client Perceptions of the Value of Microinsurance: Evidence from Southern Ghana

Journal of International Development, 27, 2015, 1, 15–35

Julia Grauvogel / Christian von Soest

Die verfehlte Sanktionspolitik des Westens gegen Simbabwe

GIGA Focus Afrika, 02/2015

Julia Grauvogel

Regional sanctions against Burundi: the regime’s argumentative self-entrapment

Journal of Modern African Studies, 53, 2015, 2, 169-191

Julia Grauvogel / Claudia Simons

Die Krise in Burundi: Scheitert Arusha?

GIGA Focus Afrika, 06/2015

Katharina Heitz Tokpa / Andrea Kaufmann / Franzisca Zanker

The Ebola Outbreak in Comparison: Liberia and Côte d’Ivoire

GIGA Focus International Edition English, 03/2015

Meike Hohberg / Jann Lay

The impact of minimum wages on informal and formal labor market outcomes: Evidence from Indonesia

IZA Journal of Labor and Development, 4, 2015, 14

Robert Kappel / Babette Never

Ostafrikas „Highway to Oil“

Die Aktuelle Kolumne, 2015, 26.01.2015, 1-2

Robert Kappel

Boko Haram: Der Terror weitet sich aus

IPG Journal, 2015

Robert Kappel / Babette Never

East Africa’s highway to oil

The Current Column, 2015, 26 January 2015, 1-2

Robert Kappel / Helmut Reisen

The Recalibration of the World and German Foreign Policy

GIGA Focus International Edition English, 05/2015

Carlo Koos / Jan Pierskalla

The Effects of Oil Production and Ethnic Representation on Violent Conflict in Nigeria: A Mixed-Method Approach

Terrorism and Political Violence (online first), 2015

Sabine Kurtenbach / Janina Pawelz

Voting is not enough: youth and political citizenship in post-war societies

Peacebuilding, 3, 2015, 2, 141-156

Laurence Marfaing / Alena Thiel

Demystifying Chinese Business Strength in Urban Senegal and Ghana: Structural Change and the Performativity of Rumours

Canadian Journal of African Studies, 48, 2015, 3, 405-423

Laurence Marfaing

Importations de marchandises chinoises et mobilité sous-régionale en Afrique de l'ouest

Cahiers D'etudes Africaines, LV (2), 2015, 218, 359-379

Laurence Marfaing / Alena Thiel

Networks, spheres of influence and the mediation of opportunity: the case of West African trade agents in China

Journal of Panafrican Studies, 7, 2015, 10, 65-84

Gibson Masumbu / Martin Ostermeier / Kacana Sipangule

Job Quality Matters

D+C Development and Cooperation, 42, 2015, 2, 34-35

Andreas Mehler / Marcus Seuser

Meinungsfreiheit in Afrika unter Druck

GIGA Focus Afrika, 04/2015

Henning Melber

Namibia unter Präsident Geingob – Eine erste Bilanz

GIGA Focus Afrika, 08/2015

Kerstin Nolte / Susanne Johanna Väth

Interplay of Land Governance and Large-Scale Agricultural Investment: Evidence from Ghana and Kenya

Journal of Modern African Studies, 53, 2015, 1, 69-92

Martin Ostermeier / Sarah Linde / Jann Lay / Sebastian Prediger

SMARTer indicators for decent work in a post-2015 development agenda: A proposal

International Labour Review, 154, 2015, 3, 285-302

Giulia Piccolino

Does democratisation foster effective taxation? Evidence from Benin

Journal of Modern African Studies, 4, 2015, 53, 557-581

Sören Scholvin / Ana Cristina Alves / Stefan Andreasson

Das Wettrennen um die Energieressourcen in Subsahara-Afrika

GIGA Focus Afrika, 01/2015

Alexander Stroh / Charlotte Heyl

Institutional Diffusion, Strategic Insurance and the Creation of West African Constitutional Courts

Comparative Politics, 47, 2015, 2, 169-187

Christian von Soest / Michael Wahman

Are Democratic Sanctions Really Counterproductive?

Democratization, 22, 2015, 6, 957–980

Christian von Soest / Julia Grauvogel

Comparing Legitimation Strategies in Post-Soviet Countries

in: Martin Brusis / Joachim Ahrens / Martin Schulze Wessel (eds.), Politics and Legitimacy in Post-Soviet Eurasia, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, 18-46

Christian von Soest

Democracy prevention: The international collaboration of authoritarian regimes

European Journal of Political Research, 54, 2015, 4, 623-638

Christian von Soest / Laurence Whitehead (eds.)

Forum Section: Authoritarian Collaboration (European Journal of Political Research, 54, 4, 623-706)

Chichester: Wiley / European Consortium for Political Research, 2015

Christian von Soest / Julia Grauvogel

How Do Non-Democratic Regimes Claim Legitimacy? Comparative Insights from Post-Soviet Countries

GIGA Working Paper, No. 277, August 2015

Christian von Soest / Michael Wahman

Not all Dictators Are Equal: Coups, Fraudulent Elections and the Selective Targeting of Democratic Sanctions

Journal of Peace Research, 52, 2015, 1, 17–31

Johannes Vüllers / Birte Pfeiffer / Matthias Basedau

Measuring the Ambivalance of the Sacred: Introducing the Religion and Conflict in Developing Countries (RCDC) Dataset

International Interactions, 41, 2015, 5, 857-881

Jörg Wischermann / Bettina Bunk / Patrick Köllner / Jasmin Lorch

Zivilgesellschaftliche Organisationen in Autokratien: Akteure des Wandels?

GIGA Focus Global, 06/2015

Franzisca Zanker / Claudia Simons / Andreas Mehler

Power, Peace, and Space in Africa: Revisiting Territorial Power Sharing

African Affairs, 114, 2015, 454, 72-91

Gero Erdmann / Marianne Kneuer (eds.)

Externe Faktoren der Demokratisierung

Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2014, 2. unveränderte Auflage

Martin Ottmann / Johannes Vüllers

The Power-Sharing Event Dataset (PSED): A new dataset on the occurrence of power-sharing in post-conflict countries

Conflict Management and Peace Science, 2014 (online first)

Martyn Andrews / Jennifer Golan / Jann Lay

Inefficiency of male and female on-farm labour supply: Evidence from Uganda

American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 97, 2014, 3, 998-1019

Nadine Ansorg / Kim Schultze

Friedensinseln in Subsahara-Afrika

GIGA Focus Afrika, 05/2014

Matthias Basedau / Thomas Richter

Why Do Some Oil Exporters Experience Civil War but Others Do not?: Investigating the Conditional Effects of Oil

European Political Science Review, 6, 2014, 4, 549-574

Heinrich Bergstresser

Nigeria 2014: Wirtschaftsboom, Verteilungskämpfe und Terror

GIGA Focus Afrika, 04/2014

Elisabeth Boesen / Laurence Marfaing / Mirjam de Bruijn

Nomadism and mobility in the Sahara-Sahel: introduction

Canadian Journal of African Studies, 48, 2014, 1, 1-12

Sebastian Elischer

萨拉菲斯特主义者在非洲:未必是恐 怖主义的开路先锋

GIGA Focus International Edition Chinese, 01/2014

Sebastian Elischer

Salafisten in Afrika: nicht zwingend Wegbereiter des Terrorismus

GIGA Focus Afrika, 03/2014

Daniel Flemes / Elisa Seith

Südafrikas regionale Herausforderer

GIGA Focus Afrika, 07/2014

Karsten Giese / Alena Thiel

The Vulnerable Other – Distorted Equity in Chinese-Ghanaian Employment Relations

Ethnic and Racial Studies, 37, 2014, 6, 1101-1120

Julia Grauvogel

Regional Sanctions against Burundi: A Powerful Campaign and Its Unintended Consequences

GIGA Working Paper, No. 255, September 2014

Julia Grauvogel / Christian von Soest

Claims to Legitimacy Count: Why Sanctions Fail to Instigate Democratization in Authoritarian Regimes

European Journal of Political Research , 53, 2014, 4, 635–653

Julia Grauvogel / Thomas Diez

Framing und Versicherheitlichung: Die diskursive Konstruktion des Klimawandels

Zeitschrift für Friedens- und Konfliktforschung (ZeFKo), 3, 2014, 2, 203-232

Katharina Heitz Tokpa / Andrea Kaufmann / Franzisca Zanker

Der Ebola-Ausbruch im Vergleich: Liberia und Côte d’Ivoire

GIGA Focus Afrika, 09/2014

Charlotte Heyl / Alexander Stroh

Verfassungsgerichte in Westafrika: unabhängige Krisenmanager?

GIGA Focus Afrika, 01/2014

Robert Kappel

Africa: Neither Hopeless Nor Rising

GIGA Focus International Edition English, 01/2014

Robert Kappel

Die neue deutsche Afrikastrategie: ein notwendiger Diskurs

GIGA Focus Afrika, 06/2014

Robert Kappel

Quo Vadis Afrika ? Wirtschaftliche Dynamik zwischen Hoffen und Bangen

in: OSI-Club e.V. (ed.), Afrika: Identität der nächsten Generation, Berlin: OSI, 2014, 4-7

Robert Kappel

Zivilmacht reloaded - Zur neuen deutschen Außenpolitikdebatte

WeltTrends, 22, 2014, 98, 142-143

Christian Kohrs

Konsolidierte Demokratien in Afrika

GIGA Focus Afrika, 08/2014

Carlo Koos

Why and How Civil Defense Militias Emerge: The Case of the Arrow Boys in South Sudan

Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, 37, 2014, 12, 1039-1057

Carlo Koos / Thea Gutschke

South Sudan’s Newest War: When Two Old Men Divide a Nation

GIGA Focus International Edition English, 02/2014

Jann Lay / Julia Vaillant / Michael Grimm / François Roubaud

Informal sector dynamics in times of fragile growth: The case of Madagascar

European Journal of Development Research, 2014

Mariana Llanos / Cordula Tibi Weber / Charlotte Heyl / Alexander Stroh

Informal Interference in the Judiciary in New Democracies: A Comparison of Six African and Latin American Cases

GIGA Working Paper, No. 245, April 2014

Laurence Marfaing / Elisabeth Boesen (eds.)

Mobilités dans l'espace ouest africain: ressources, développement et intégration régionale

Paris: Karthala, 2014

Laurence Marfaing

Travailleurs migrants dans les villes du Sahara-Sahel comme Nouakchott et Bamako: la mobilité pour la ressource

in: Elisabeth Boesen / Laurence Marfaing (eds.), Mobilités dans l'espace ouest-africain - Ressources, développement local et integration régionale, Paris: Karthala, 2014, 137-164

Laurence Marfaing / Alena Thiel

“Agents of Translation”: Westafrican entrepreneurs in China as vectors of social change

Working Papers of the Priority Programme 1448 of the German Research Foundation, 2014, 4

Andreas Mehler

Review: Voting in fear: Electoral violence in Africa

South African Journal of International Affairs, 21, 2014, 1, 156-159

Andreas Mehler

Konferenzbericht: Adapting Institutions: A Comparative Area Studies Perspective

ASIEN: The German Journal on Contemporary Asia, 2014, 132, 116-118

Andreas Mehler

Pathways to Elite Insecurity / Fieldsights - Hot Spots (Central African Republic)

Cultural Anthropology, Fieldsights - online, 2014


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