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  • This is a one-day workshop for last-year PhD students, offering a comprehensive preparation for the defense or doctoral viva voce, your last step towards finishing your doctorate, besides the mandatory publication. After years of specializing in your dissertation's subject, methods, and theoretical framework, of focusing on the written word, you are required to actually speak up and deliver your condensed or selected research findings and deliver them in a nutshell, or to expand your focus on a variety of subject matters or even other fields, depending on your PhD regulations. This workshop provides you with essential tools and input that will guide you in your preparation for the doctoral defense. We will address all issues pertaining to the doctoral defense.  


    • What are the aims of the doctoral defense? 

    • How to efficiently and strategically prepare for the defense 

    • How to design an interesting and fascinating research narrative 

    • How to anticipate and deal with (killer) questions 

    • How to deal with exam anxiety and stage fright 

    The workshop puts theory into practice, including one full mock defense for one participant. Prior to the workshop all participants will receive a questionnaire and those interested in preparing the presentation for the mock defense are required to send in a short abstract. 


    The online course will take place on 22 June 2022 from 9am to 4:30pm. A link to the course and further information will be provided to the participants after successful registration.  

    About the lecturer

    Dr. Dunja Mohr, Go Academic!, certified coach and trainer, has been offering  workshops, group and individual coachings for foundations, universities, and universities of applied science for over fifteen years and She also worked as a trainer for uni-support, Institut für Hochschulberatung, for ten years and taught English Literature at universities in Germany for roughly twenty years. As senior scientist she is on several boards of international professional associations and an ambassador scientist with a large scholarship foundation. 

    *Please note that the registration period has closed.


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