GIGA Institute of Latin American Studies

Gas, oil, lithium, land – Latin America is rich in natural resources, which have brought a sustained economic boom to the region. Many states have also long since become confident actors on the political stage. At the same time, Latin America is marked by violence and conflict: corruption, mafia-like structures and uncertainty dominate public life in many countries.

The GIGA Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS) has researched the political and economic developments in South and Central America and the Caribbean since 1962. Its core topics of study include the quality of political institutions and new approaches to political participation, the challenges posed by conflict and crime, the economic and social impacts of climate policy, the strategies of emerging powers, and the establishment of new regional organisations such as the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR).

Through the many years of cooperation with research institutions from the region, the ILAS has established itself as an interface for European¬–Latin American research. Under the umbrella of the GIGA, ILAS is a founding member of numerous national and international research organisations. Fittingly, the GIGA has chaired the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsche Lateinamerikaforschung (ADLAF; German Association of Latin American Studies) and is on the board of the European Council for Social Research on Latin American (CEISAL). It also publishes the internationally recognised, refereed Journal of Politics in Latin America and is co-publisher of the inter-disciplinary journal Iberoamericana.

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New Publications

Daniel Flemes / Michael Radseck

La lucha interregional contral el crimen organizado entre América del Sur y Europa

in: Eduardo Pastrana / Hubert Gehring (eds.) Suramérica en el escenario globa: gobernanza multinivel y biregionalismo, Bogotá: Editorial Universidad Javeriana, 2014, 401-434

Mariana Llanos

Acción estratégica y cultura de la informalidad: la reforma judicial en Argentina

in: Isabel Wences / Rosa Conde / Adrián Bonilla (eds.) Cultura de la Legalidad en Iberoamérica: Desafíos y Experiencias, San José: Flacso, 2014, 277-296